How to Take Photographs At Better Angles

All of us wants to capture the best moments of our life in the form of photographs holding its happy memories with them, but these memories give a spark when you capture them in the most beautiful way possible. To make this possible, here are some exclusive tips for you to take your photographs at better angles making them interesting and special.

  1. Minding the Perspectives

You can take a photograph that is much more engaging and interesting if you take note of the leading lines around you and just increasing the emphasis to the maximum. If you crouch down a little the results will amaze you.

  1. Eye level

When taking a picture of children or a lazy person who doesn’t want to get up or be at your eye level, try lying down or crouch down a little exactly at their eye level, this makes the picture intriguing and the subject will look much more engaging.

  1. Reflections

Taking help of reflection is always a great option whether it is in a window or a car or the best example possible in the water. The water puddles in front of the subject can show a very different set of perspectives and angles and these are also very useful for creating illusions.

  1. Rule of Thirds

This is a common rule in taking photographs at a slightly different angle which can make a big difference. The rule is simple to try dividing your frames into three parts, both vertically and horizontally and compose your subject in the third part. This will help you capture more background and the subject will appear attractive.

  1. Using Distance

You can use distance as a very important element to create different angles and perspectives. Now if you want to make the subject appear bigger or taller move closer to it and sit down. By this when you will capture the photograph from below the subject, its length will increase.

Similarly, if you want it to appear shorter, you might have to step back a little. Usually, you move away exactly equal to the length of the subject according to the composition.

  1. Ground Level

If you want to capture an image which covers the whole view of the place, try lying on your belly and take the photograph from the ground level. By this way, the photographs taken are much more detailed, from the ones that are taken from the eye level while standing, are less detailed.

  1. Using the space above and below

It never hurts if you just take a step forward in taking a picture that might include climbing up a tree or lying at people’s feet. You might attract strange stares, but what can we say if it makes the moment memorable than its worth it. The pictures taken over the head from above can give you intriguing angle with some leaning shadows that may help the picture to be even more interesting.